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Strategizing Your Way to Success.


Dreamcatchers International is a consortium of consultants and coaches with unique talents and skillets to help in assisting with your business and organizational needs.  Ranging from areas related to capacity building, marketing/branding, communications, strategic planning, and community engagement, each project will be tailored to fit your specific needs.  

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Our approach is unique because we firmly believe in the acronym of TEAM--Together Everyone Achieves More. By maximizing the value offered from vetted and trained professionals with a proven track record, we are able to ensure that you receive quality results. Stop taking on the task of building your organization alone. Let us help you.


Do you feel bogged down in life because you are taking on way too much concerning your business?  Do you feel like you’re constantly running the hamster wheel, staying busy but inevitably going nowhere?  Are you overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to launch and/or run a successful business?


Here at DCI we show you how to work smarter not harder so you can maximize your results and enjoy the pursuit of building your dream. Running your own business does not have to be drudgery. Yes, it is hard work but it can still be meaningful work.


Let us help you fall in love with your dream all over again. 

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Ever wondered what it takes to grow a thriving business? The answer to this question is lots of planning, strategy, grit, great execution, and a well put-together team. 


If you're like most small to mid-level size businesses you may not have the resources to hire all of the necessary professionals to run your business successfully. This is where Dreamcatcher's International comes in. 


We take pride in being able to provide you with the various components necessary to help your business grow and thrive so that you can focus on what you enjoy most--building your craft. 

I  made the decision to hire Dreamcatchers International to assist with corporate team building for my office. Keanna, as the lead consultant, was extremely upbeat and friendly, interacting well with my staff. In the process, Keanna also added invaluable insight to the management of my office and issues that arose from time to time.


Seeing the corporate team building as a success, I inquired to Keanna about executive coaching. I found the program to be both challenging and enlightening in my quest to become a better professional.


Keanna has given me many articles, and tasks to complete along with positive feedback and criticism which has helped in reshaping my goals both present and future. I feel Keanna has helped and will continue to help me reach my full potential. Dreamcatchers' Coaching Program is a process of dream attainment—it show you that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.


Dr. Steven Cohen, Philly Braces & Centerton Orthodontics





We remove the guess work from 

business so you can focus on what 

you love most.

Fellowship House of South Camden’s Board of Trustees and Leadership staff had the pleasure of securing Keanna Ralph to help get us started on a path towards strategic planning and visioning. 


Keanna developed an excellent teambuilding workshop that helped foster trust and understanding with the goal of moving us towards better organizational clarity and cohesiveness.  Her facilitation skills are sharp and focused.  I recommend her to any entity seeking effective and efficient organizational development at any level.  


Richelle Todd-Yamoah,

Executive Director

Fellowship House of South Camden 


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